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"We Help You Find Your Needle In The Haystack"

Good marketing makes the company look smart.

Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.


What We Do

Create experiences that align with your purpose

> Brand Strategy and Design

> Customer Experience Design

> Employee Experience Design

> Analytics

Craft impactful digital brand journeys

> Digital Strategy

> UX/UI Design

> Technology and Development

Connect dots between brand awareness and conversion

> Brand Campaigns

> Social Media Campaigns

> Search Engine Marketing

> Media Planning

Create powerful stories that connect with your audience

> Storyboarding

> Video Scripting

> Content Strategy

> Content Creation

Optimize internal systems to leverage your strengths

> Internal Workflows Optimization

> Brand Stencils

> Pre-Sales Modeling


Enhance brand recall by tweaking customer psyche

> Personas and Journeys

> Behavioural Design

> Flow Design and Audit

> Media Mix Modeling


About Us

Who we are

Studio Magentik is a creative space to explore different ideas, experiment with new systems, and to implement our best picks for our clients according to suitability.

We are driven by passion and curiousity

We started our journey with the idea to support budding entrepreneurs, startups, small and medium enterprises, non-governmental organizations and non-profit organizations with their business consulting, marketing and business continuity needs.

Our business is focused on being partners to our clients in their growth journey rather than being just a service provider. We devise strategies for each of our partners’ needs with this intent.

Currently, there’s a demand for brands that actively interact, forge relationships, and offer relevant benefits. We advocate that coordination between teams fosters genuine, enduring bonds between brands and individuals.

Through the seamless integration of our teams, expertise, and workflows, we facilitate the development of impactful brands with enduring resonance.


Some of

Our clients

Online Classroom Platform
Cambodia Desk Services (India)
Business Consultancy
3C Comprehensive Cardiac Care
Cardiac Clinic
Nishkarsh Events
Event Management Company


How to

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